On the streets of Paris

In Between Moments

The streets in Paris, like in many major cities, offer a live performance, where the actors play themselves: passers-by immersed in their daily lives, walking side by side on the sidewalks of the city without seeing one another, absorbed in their own thoughts, faces daydreaming, remembering, imagining… All this leads to eyes meeting, people talking, others waiting or looking where there is nothing to see.

These are moments in between actions, in between turning points, where something has happened, and where something else is about to happen. And yet this ‘in-between’ that many of us live every day is an opportunity to think about, to look at, or to come across many things. Perhaps it is in those moments that most things happen, without us even noticing.

These are the moments that have been put into images, moments where we see new faces, where we meet people we don’t know and others we recognize. We make decisions, we get inspired by urban landscapes, we blend into the crowd and we forget we are on the street.

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