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Fascinating World Of Traditional Life

In our ultra-modern societies where technology dictates our lives and shapes our behavior, where change is continuous and the word friends rhymes with social networks, are we still aware of the existence of a world where people live off the land in houses they built with their own hands? Are we still conscious of this precious balance of the Nature that feeds us?

This world where men, women and children live in the tradition of their ancestors is vast and scattered across all continents. Nevertheless, a lifestyle based on the traditions and customs of previous generations is not synonymous with poverty or the rejection of the modern world. Worshiping the gods in one’s customs, weaving one’s clothes, raising livestock or making one’s soap are all inherited activities of a culture we all come from.

During the journeys I have made over the past seven years in the remote villages of various countries, I had the privilege of meeting fascinating people in their daily lives, in their approach to community and the vision they hold of their society. Their hospitality and open-mindedness allowed me to show, through this series of portraits and scenes of daily life, people living in remote and inaccessible areas, and though poor communities economically, they remain rich in their cultures based on traditions and sharing.

This book is a tribute to those people who are proud to preserve the traditions of their ancestors and to make it a model for their children in order to live in a world where the precious balance between nature and mankind remains sustainable.

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